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rule of rose role play

if you like rule of rose then you migth be intrsed in some role play

 if you want to do a rule of rose role play then sing up to my board (you have to sign up to get access it dosent take long but i had to do it cause i had trobel with people spaming us)
link to board


once you have done that then look down the page and you will see a category called rule of rose and clink on Red Crayon Aristocrats then have fun also please look at the rules first

ps you can be an orginal character or a game character



im back from beyond the grave 
with news of J-ROCK
Yousei Teikoku is a new jrock goth band i found which dose anime songs they have 3 albums stigmata melotine and gothic lolita propaganda 
 i found them by watching an anime called V V V


haaaaaaaaaa xmas is comeing soon ive been doing aload of art recently as well as shopping for presents oh and cez im soory bout your x mas prezzie and when are you getting back on line, Any wasy even thougth i live in the uk ive been whatching one of my fav shows on youtube cause i aint waiting till next year to see the second sesson of heroes cause i don think they gonna show it on sci-fi so i would have to wait till 2008 but i saw i and it was GREAT especialy the last episode poor poor adam :-( i hope in the seccond part of sesson 2 (the third voulme called villans) some one busts him out my fave bit was the ending as it said voulme 3 villans you see sylar (yaaaaaaaaaaa) and he cures him self of the shanti virus and says the last line

"im back"

mwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sylar rules oh yes and adam too must'nt forget him

gothic lolita

a litte post about a cool japanese goth styel called gothic lolita or gothlol gothic loltia is a mix of black and white (usaly) with moden and old styel even if you dont like gothic clothes you are bound to love gothic lolita its something completly diffrent.


check out the art at
and look out for my new charter created




if any one is out there then lisen SYLAR NEED YOU more than ever he needs you to  go to
http://boards.9thwonders.com/index.php then sign up then go to

 9th Wonders Boards > The Hangout > General Chatter > Board Games, Polls, Quizzes the go on to heroes idol or go to search then write in heroes idol the password is shanti then VOTE SYLAR WE CANT LET HIRO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the heroes finale so SYLAR needs to win we all know sylar is so much beter than hiro and hiro and sylar are allready at a draw so show your support please im beging you so
SUPPORT SYLAR it will be much apprecieated!!!
and in return he wont take your brains LOL



im so so soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorry cause i aint posted bad meeeeeeeeeeeeeee i will be posting thought ive just been busie passing exames and doing corsework.